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Guilty (2015)


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     Kategorija: 2015, Thriller Lud@k 31 Jul 2016  Pregleda: 841

    Lud@k Site 4.9/10
    Godina: 2015
    Žanr: Thriller
    Trajanje: 103 min
    Opis: A cold-blooded, disfigured killer Kit, begins to experience feelings he‘s never had before when he meets compensated dater Ting Ting. The two develop a twisted relationship that‘s part familial and part romantic. When Ting Ting is ostensibly kidnapped, Kit goes through hell to try to get her back, but is the situation really what it seems?

    Director: Jill Wong
    Stars: Kai Chi Liu, Pak-ho Chau, Liddy Li
    Datum: 31 Jul 2016 | Category: 2015, Thriller | Comments: 0 | Dodao: Lud@k