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American Pie 5 Presents The Naked Mile (2006)


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     Kategorija: Comedy martinsema 15 Okt 2014  Pregleda: 8927

    IMDB Ocena: 4.9/10
    Godina: 2006
    Žanr: Comedy
    Trajanje: 97 min
    Opis: When Erik Stifler gets a free pass to do whatever he wants from his girlfriend, he and his two best friends head to see his cousin Dwight for the Naked Mile and a weekend they will never forget.

    Director: Joe Nussbaum
    Writers: Adam Herz (characters), Erik Lindsay
    Stars: John White, Eugene Levy and Maria Ricossa
    Datum: 15 Okt 2014 | Category: Comedy | Comments: 0