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The Rocker (2008)


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     Kategorija: plague94 18 Avg 2012  Pregleda: 4593

    IMDB Ocena: 6.2/10
    Godina: 2008
    Žanr: Comedy | Music
    Trajanje: 102 min
    Opis: The Rocker tells the story of a failed drummer who is given a second chance at fame. Robert "Fish" Fishman is the extremely dedicated and astoundingly passionate drummer for the eighties hair band Vesuvius, who is living the rock n' roll dream until he is unceremoniously kicked out of the band...

    Director: Peter Cattaneo Writers: Maya Forbes (screenplay), Wallace Wolodarsky (screenplay) Stars: Rainn Wilson, Josh Gad and Christina Applegate
    Datum: 18 Avg 2012 | Category: | Comments: 0