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American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989)


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     Kategorija: Lud@k 10 Avg 2012  Pregleda: 5183

    IMDB Ocena: 2.9/10
    Godina: 1989
    Žanr: Action | Drama
    Trajanje: 89 min
    Opis: Jackson is back, and now he has a new partner, karate champion Sean, as they must face a deadly terrorist known as "The Cobra", who has infected Sean with a virus. Sean and Jackson have no choice but to fight the Cobra and his bands of ninjas.

    Director: Cedric Sundstrom
    Writers: Avi Kleinberger (characters), Gideon Amir (characters), and 1 more credit »
    Stars: David Bradley, Steve James and Marjoe Gortner
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