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Bloodsport 3 (1996)


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     Kategorija: Lud@k 10 Avg 2012  Pregleda: 28472

    IMDB Ocena: 3.7/10
    Godina: 1996
    Žanr: Action | Sport
    Trajanje: 91 min
    Opis: Bloodsport III brings us back to the world of Alex Cardo. This time he must battle in a fight to end all fights - The Kumite, the most vicious warrior alive - Beast. He must not only battle for his own honor, but also avenge the death of Sun, his mentor, teacher, and spiritual "father", when Sun is spitefully killed by crime boss Duvalier. ...

    Director: Alan Mehrez
    Writer: James Williams (screenplay)
    Stars: Daniel Bernhardt, John Rhys-Davies and Amber Van Lent
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