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Looking for Simon (2011)


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     Kategorija: Lud@k 08 Avg 2012  Pregleda: 6758

    IMDB Ocena: 6.6/10
    Godina: 2011
    Žanr: Drama
    Trajanje: 82 min
    Opis: Simon, a young German doctor, who is living and working in Marseille, doesn't give any news. His appartment is empty. Valérie, his mother, is desperate. She doesn't understand the reason of his disappearance. Therefore she asks Jens, the former boyfriend of Simon, to come to Marseille and help her out on this research.

    Director: Jan Krüger
    Writer: Jan Krüger
    Stars: Corinna Harfouch, Nico Rogner and Mehdi Dehbi
    Datum: 08 Avg 2012 | Category: | Comments: 0